Please Note: These links are not maintained. Apologies for any incorrect or broken links. 

The World Wide Web contains numerous campaign research resources for progressive activists.  We have compiled a list of sites we find particularly useful.  Most of these sites are free, however, we have noted those that do require a subscription or download fee.  Please remember that the Web changes constantly, and some sites may have changed or simply disappeared.  We have organized our list into the following categories.  Please cross check because there is overlap among the categories.

Search Engines and Databases
Tools with which to search the Web as a whole, databases that search publications.

Company Information
Specific company documents, stock information, business press.  Both private and public companies.

Corporate Responsibility
Organizations that research, monitor and report on company behavior. Generally applies to public companies.

Government Information
Government and NGO sites with government information.  Some sites taken from above.  Information on using FOIA.  Includes California sources.

Money and Politics
Sites of organizations that follow the money and/or legislation.  Of particular note is the Federal Election Commission Info site.

Lists sites with information on worker’s rights, health and companies’ labor record.  Also includes organized labor research guides.

Large list of environmental databases tracking company behavior, toxins, and networking opportunities.

Prison and Criminal Justice
Issues, analysis and statistics on the Prison Industrial Complex from policy, activist, government and industry sources.  Includes California sources.

Welfare and Economic Rights
Reports, statistics and analysis on welfare “reform,” employment and poverty, and related issues from government, policy groups and activist sources.

Education and Schools
Government and non-profit sites that provide access to reports, statistics, and analysis on educational issues as well as in-depth school performance and demographic data.  Also includes links to education news sources and California-specific sources.

Urban Planning and Housing
Provides links to general sources as well as state-specific sources such as California, Florida and Washington.

Plan Puebla-Panamá (PPP)
The Plan Puebla-Panamá (PPP) is a mega-development project for Southern Mexico and Central America promoted by the governments of the region and the Inter-American Development Bank.  It has garnered strong opposition in the region.  Includes English and Spanish language resources.