Research Justice for All

This manual is intended for community-based organizations to build the skills and capacity of their staff and membership to implement their own research strategies. It consists of a series of workshops that build on one another to develop participants understanding of “Research Justice.” However, facilitators can feel free to pick and choose the workshops that are most relevant for their work given the limitations of time and capacity.

We Can Be Surveyors

This manual includes step-by-step facilitation instruction to conduct a series of workshops on survey design and implementation.  It includes workshops created to move from survey project planning, survey tool design and piloting and implementing the survey.  The manual is a tool for staff and leaders working on social change that want to include community in the survey process.  Any sections of the curriculum can be used based on the level of community engagement you are planning for the project.

Our Data, Our Analysis

This manual includes step-by-step facilitation instructions to conduct a data analysis workshop for survey or other quantitative analysis results. It includes four workshops created to move from getting comfortable with data to analyzing and making statements with data and developing a policy strategy to share the data. Participants will spend time thinking about audiences and key strategies for communicating the results as well as how their research will feed into their organizing agenda.