Understanding research in the context of an organizing agenda can seem like an overwhelming task. The Campaign Research Countdown Game: Organize, Research, Win! is a game designed to offer a glimpse into the processes, from start to finish, in a community-driven research project. You start as a member of an organization that only has a few members. You’re tasked with growing your membership, planning, and then implementing your own research project. Your goal is to release your findings before a crucial upcoming city council vote. Can you do it?


The Knowledge Factory is an interactive tool that demonstrates how organizers and community members can think strategically about information. It’s been a signature tool in our Research Justice workshops – one that we’ve been developing and refining for over five years. It’s helped countless community members and organizers think critically about information flow and how knowledge is valued differently based on the source of information. The Knowledge Factory video is a tool that we think all social justice advocates will find useful, so be sure to check it out along with all the other great videos on our YouTube channel:

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