Youth Groups Building Alternative Vision for Public Education

The DataCenter has partnered with Sisters in Action for Power (Portland, OR) since 2002 to provide research and analysis support for their efforts to address local affects of privatization. Their efforts launched a public land equity campaign designed to address gentrification of neighborhoods of color, the attack on public housing through HOPE VI and the sale of public school land. Recently Sisters in Action started a new campaign to take on the federal No Child Left Behind Act as it works to dismantle public education. In partnership with Sisters in Action and Movement Strategy Center, the DC co-convened a national NCLB gathering for grassroots, community based youth groups in the Winter 2005. We are aiming to develop a common analysis of NCLB, share organizing models and local responses to NCLB, as well as strategize a collective, radical response to federal education policies and create an alternative vision for public education.

Please consider making a donation or offering funding leads to Sisters in Action for Power. Sisters has been critical to the development and analysis of Youth Strategy Project’s educational justice work, and their sharp political framework tools and analysis were the lynchpin of the NCLB national gathering. Additional support is critical in supporting Sisters to continue their important work.

For further information contact Sisters in Action for Power at 503.331.1244 or