Our Mission

DataCenter unlocks the power of knowledge for social change. We support grassroots organizing for justice and sustainability through strategic research, training, and collaborations. We use research to help move the knowledge and solutions of communities of color and the poor from the margins to the center of decision-making.

For me, DataCenter’s core contribution over the decades has been helping groups reach a new level of effectiveness and analysis.Millie Buchanan, Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation

Our Vision

Valuing Shared Leadership

We’ve been engaged in defining, implementing, and sustaining concrete practices to dismantle systems of oppression and increase our accountability to communities on the ground. In order to tackle the dysfunction so many social justice-minded nonprofits face, we developed  a long-term sustainable leadership model that incorporates leadership from people of color and working class people that shares responsibility across the organization. Read more about our Shared Leadership Model here.