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knowledge voice action power

Access to knowledge helps you draw more informed solutions, build stronger arguments and set the agenda of policy and advocacy debates shaping our society. By asking the right questions and answering those questions in ways that bring to light social conditions and community solutions, communities become agents of change, empowered by their expertise.

Voice: Once you’ve uncovered your new knowledge through research, you need to know how to share it. Community members, through speaking up and speaking out, build confidence and demand recognition as experts about their communities. We strategize with you throughout the process to make sure you can share your own stories in compelling ways that are relevant to the audiences you need to reach. With our methods, community members’ experiences directly inform research so that findings and reporting inherently reflects their own realities, perspectives and values. When it comes time to speak up and out, the information tool you end up with in hand is exactly what you needed to acheive your intended outcome in your organizing effort.

Action: When communities take effective, strategic action, they grow their influence to make change. We help ensure our partners fully utilize information as political leverage to make informed action for maximum impact. Strategic information informs every part of your campaign—it’s the difference between a jumble of data and a clear strategy. We’ll help you make sure that the research questions you generate are truly ones that will shine a light on precisely what needs to be exposed, uncovered, and revealed. Research also impels action at scale, by bringing into focus the big picture and helping to accurately and comprehensively identify allies, targets for change and connections with other related issues.

Power: By developing and surfacing knowledge, claiming and reclaiming voice, and implementing strategic action, a community builds sustainable grassroots power. DataCenter helps you create action to scale with the local, national or global change you want to make. This includes the power to negotiate as epxerts during policy and advocacy debates. It’s also the power to break through barriers and hold policymakers, governments and corporations accountable to the community. It’s the power to transform our societies.