The DataCenter Spring Newsletter Has Arrived!

Renowned activist-poet Audre Lorde had it right when she said,

In our world, divide and conquer must become define and empower.

Check out our latest newsletter to see how a variety of grassroots communities are defining themselves and finding empowerment through research and action.

Download full newsletter (pdf)

  • Page One (pdf):

  • Food Chain Workers join forces
  • Research Moves Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in California Legislature
  • Page Two (pdf):

  • A Letter from miho kim
  • DataCenter Team
  • DataCenter Welcomes
  • Page Three (pdf):

  • DataCenter Launches Training Department
  • Food Chain and Domestic Workers continued
  • Page Four (pdf):

  • Your One-stop Shop for Grassroots Resources
  • In their own words: DataCenter helps communities articulate their needs
  • Page Five (pdf):

  • Donor Profile: Lailan Sandra Huen
  • Urban Planning: Communities Demand Change in the Face of Daily Injustice
  • Page Six (pdf):

  • California Indigenous Tribe Uses Smart Phones to Protect Ancestral Lands