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This section provides tools for using Internet search engines effectively. You can use it as a guide to develop or refine your Internet research strategy.

It covers when and why to use a search engine, how to select focused and relevant search terms to pinpoint information, and how to quickly sort through search engine results to find the hidden treasure.

If you are looking for pointers to specific web sites for activist research, check out our recommended Web Resources.

Using Search Engines for Internet Research
Overview on when and how to use search engines

Research & Language: Choosing Search Terms for Search Engines
How to use search terms to pinpoint the type of information you need from movement and mainstream sources.

Criteria for Evaluating Internet Documents
How to assess whether a document you find on the Internet is reliable or relevant.


General Planning & Tips
Campaign Strategy
Ten Campaign Research Steps


Researching Corporations
Researching Individuals
Getting Public Records

Creating Surveys
Creando Encuestas (PDF)


Capturing Air Toxics 411
Challenging FTAA, NAFTA & WTO
Juvenile Justice in California


Company Information

Corporate Responsibility
Education & Schools
Elections 2004
Government Information
Money & Politics

Plan Puebla-Panamá (PPP) - English
Plan Puebla-Panamá (PPP) - Español
Prisons & Criminal Justice
Welfare & Economic Rights
Search Engines & Databases


Using Search Engines
Research & Language
Evaluating Documents

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