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Creating Surveys


STEP 3: Testing the Survey

Before doing your survey, you should test it on at least 5 to 10 people who are not familiar with the survey and who also are people you would ask to participate in the survey later (i.e., if you are doing a survey of restaurant workers then test the survey on restaurant workers, etc.). Look at the questions they answered, did not answer and how they answered them. If it appeared that certain questions gave them problems, were unclear, or did not get a response, then edit your survey. If possible, ask them which questions didn't make sense or were difficult to answer. You can also debrief with the interviewers and see what their thoughts were about the how the survey went. Ask yourselves if the responses get to the information you are looking for. If not, then you need to refine your questions to bring out the type of data you need. Keep track of the survey time. If it is beyond 30 minutes for an individual survey it is probably too long.

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Surveys to Support Campaigns

Survey Planning:

1. Why survey?
2. Time & Resources
3. Type of Survey
4. How many surveys?
5. Language
6. Safety
7. Reaching respondants

Creating Surveys:
1: Create Info List
2: Design Survey
3: Test Survey
4: Train Interviewers
5: Analyze Data

Evaluating the Survey Process

Sources & Resources

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