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Creating Surveys


Cultural competence: a consciousness, knowledge and skill to work effectively in cross-cultural situations that is grounded in a self-aware and political understanding of dynamics of power and oppression. The term cultural competence is used and defined by a variety of people, from anti-racist groups to government social service providers. This definition reflects common elements from several sources, but is not authoritative.

Interview survey: when someone asks someone the questions in the survey and writes down their responses

Individual survey: when the person filling out the survey does it by themselves

Sample: group of people that are given the survey

Population: the group of people that your survey is targeting. While you won't ever be able to survey everyone in the population you are looking at, you choose a certain amount and that is your 'sample', the sample then represents the larger 'population.' (1)

Participatory research: recognizes that the people most affected by an issue are the experts. "Participatory research draws upon this expertise by engaging community members in the collective analysis of social problems in an effort to understand and address them." (2)

Probing: interview techniques to draw out a response from someone without influencing their answers. Probing techniques include pausing and repeating back what someone has answered.

1- Trochim, William M. "Sampling Terminology," The Research Methods Knowledge Base (version current as of June 7, 2004).
2- Center for Popular Education & Participatory Research, "What is Participatory Research?"

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Surveys to Support Campaigns

Survey Planning:

1. Why survey?
2. Time & Resources
3. Type of Survey
4. How many surveys?
5. Language
6. Safety
7. Reaching respondants

Creating Surveys:
1: Create Info List
2: Design Survey
3: Test Survey
4: Train Interviewers
5: Analyze Data

Evaluating the Survey Process

Sources & Resources

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