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Challenging the FTAA, NAFTA & the WTO:
A Community Research Toolkit

September 2003

Militarism & Migration

NAFTA has increased the movement of capital and placed more barriers on people. The U.S./Mexico border has seen a rise of militarism through Operation Safeguard, Operation Gatekeeper, and Operation Hold the Line-- coinciding with the implementation of NAFTA. There are currently twenty-six times more border patrol agents stationed at the U.S./Mexican border than at the U.S. border with Canada. (2) At the same time private vigilante hate groups are spreading in the region, contributing to a highly militarized zone.

Source: Migration Information Source use of EPA map

Researching National Border Patrol Strategy

Department of Homeland Security
Lists description of each border plan.

Globalization & Migration Sheet/Border Action Network
Information on the connections between so-called "free trade" agreements like NAFTA & FTAA and migration

Migration Information Source
Scroll down to read information on migrant death count in border region.
Click on state to see migration numbers with demographic & socio-economic characteristics.

Find detailed maps, ranking tables, and individual district tables about the United States as a whole, and 90 federal judicial districts. Breakdown of data is per district per state.

Mexico Migration Project
Data on # of Border Patrol officers, Linewatch hours, Apprehensions, Deportations, U.S./Mexico Import & Exports, Trade Balance, Contract Labor and more for years 1900-1998. Must register (free) to access data. Click on Databases then Datafiles then select Downloads on left side of screen. Data available in Excel format under datafile "NATLHIST."

Migrant Deaths

Death At the Border: The Efficacy and "Unintended" Consequences of U.S. Immigration Control Policy, 1993-2000, Wayne Cornelius, The Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, November, 2000

Searching for State-Specific Data

Find detailed maps, ranking tables, and individual district tables about the United States as a whole, and 90 federal judicial districts. Breakdown of data is per district per state.

Researching U.S./Mexico Border Operations

Militarism On the Southwest Border
The Southwest has been particularly hard hit by trade policies like NAFTA while at the same time experiencing an increasingly militarized border. Homeland Security is planning on beefing up the number of patrol agents on the northern border, while simultaneously expanding the already over-militarized border with Mexico. At present there is 1 agent for every 1,000 feet on the U.S./Mexico border versus 1 for every 16 miles on the Canadian border. (Source: TracINS

Arizona · Operation Safeguard & Operation Triple Strike
INS Fact Sheet on Operation Safeguard

Border Patrol, Deming Site
Border Patrol site. Background information on Operation Safeguard.

The Rise of Vigilante Hate Groups On the Border

Border Action Network
Hate Or Heroism: Vigilantes on the Arizona-Mexico Border

Anti-Defamation League
Border Disputes: Armed Vigilantes In Arizona

Texas · Operation Hold the Line

New Mexico · Operation Hold the Line
U.S. Border Patrol, Deming, New Mexico
Border Patrol site. Includes information on programs, strategies such as tracking techniques & air operatives.

California · Operation Gatekeeper
The California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation's Border Project
Contains information on the strategy of Gatekeeper, apprehension statistics for entire southwest, human rights abuses, migrant deaths, vigilantes

Northern Border & Coasts
Department of Homeland Security is in final stages of completion of a plan to curb "illegal" migration at these points of entry


2. Trac INS, National Profile & Enforcement Trends Over Time,

A project of the DataCenter's Economic Justice Program.

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