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Challenging the FTAA, NAFTA & the WTO:
A Community Research Toolkit

September 2003

Finding Region-Specific Industry Information

If you know the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code for an industry that is in your area then you can enter it on databases like the North American Development Bank site given below and see official estimates of the number of jobs lost due to NAFTA. The way SIC codes work is that the first two digits are the major industry group, the third is the industry group (more specific) and the fourth is the actual industry. This system has now been updated to the North American Industry Classification System (although many databases have not yet converted), if you need to convert your SIC code into a NAIC code you can visit the NAICS Association page listed below.

SICCODE.COM, The Worldwide Business Directory
Lists SIC codes by industry category, includes agriculture, forestry, fishing; mining; wholesale trade; retail trade; construction; finance, insurance, real estate; manufacturing; services; transportation & public utilities; public administration

North American Development Bank Los Angeles Office & the US Community & Investment Program
Data on NAFTA-TAA awards, unemployment figures over-time & county business patterns by county and SIC code

Timber Industry (SIC Codes 0800-0851)

Timber company profiles, articles on the links between trade agreements and the timber industry, information on trade flows, and information on subsidies, corporate welfare and taxes

Textile Industry (SIC Codes between 2200 & 2300) &
Apparel Manufacturing (SIC Code between 2300-2400)

Mass Layoff Statistics, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Scroll down to Textiles and select, then select "Retrieve Data" to create a table showing the amount of layoffs for this industry from 1995 to 2001. Information given on a national basis.

North American Development Bank Los Angeles Office & the US Community & Investment Program
Data on NAFTA-TAA awards, SIC codes for textile mills and apparel and other textile products are between 2200 & 2300

Military Industrial Complex

National Priorities Project
Click on NPP Database (on left side of page). Select issue search then select "military" to retrieve information on Department of Defense procurement contracts & salaries; active, inactive military & civilian employees (salaries & wages); cost of nuclear weapons & military in terms of individual income taxes.

A project of the DataCenter's Economic Justice Program.

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