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Challenging the FTAA, NAFTA & the WTO:
A Community Research Toolkit

September 2003

Researching NAFTA Job Losses In Your Community

Documenting NAFTA-related job losses can be tricky without using community surveys. If you need numbers quickly you can use NAFTA-Transitional Adjustment Assistance figures from the Department of Labor. These tables list companies that laid-off workers because of NAFTA & were rewarded assistance. These numbers do not capture the entire number of jobs lost however, as it only shows those who have petitioned for the assistance. You can get a better picture by also looking at the mass layoffs that occurred in your communities during the time period. While you cannot receive information on whether or not the layoffs were NAFTA-related you can get a sense as to which industries were hit hardest and when.

North American Development Bank Los Angeles Office & the US Community & Investment Program

Data on NAFTA-TAA awards, unemployment figures over-time & county business patterns by county and SIC code

Department of Labor, NAFTA-Transitional Adjustment Assistance Cases
Scroll down to search by state, SIC code or company name. The site is updated weekly and lists awards since 1997.

Bureau of Labor Statistics- Mass Layoff Statistics
Select current monthly data or look into the archives for past years to compare over time. You can also request data for a specific area by emailing the department. Be sure to be specific about the city, county and years you would like the information. They will not release company-specific information. Email request to

Jobs With Justice & Economic Policy Institute
State Reports On NAFTA Job Loss After Seven Years, 1994-2001

News Searches

If you have access to a Lexis Nexis database ( you can enter a power search using the search string, "job loss and NAFTA and _(your town)__". This will most likely bring up a number of articles you can sift through and tally up numbers - usually big lay-offs receive some press that gives the amount of workers who lost their job.

Mexico-Specific Job Loss

Mexican workers have not benefited from NAFTA. Rather poverty has risen by over 50% during the first four years of NAFTA and wages in the manufacturing sector have declined. (Source: NAFTA At Seven, EPI Briefing Paper, 4/2001; Seven Years Under NAFTA, Institute for Policy Studies, August 2001)

Instituto Nacional De Estadistica Geografia y Informatica (INEGI)
Mexican federal agency responsible for integrating statistical and geographic information. Contains information on employment, wages, demographics and more.

A project of the DataCenter's Economic Justice Program.

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