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Challenging the FTAA, NAFTA & the WTO:
A Community Research Toolkit

September 2003

Getting A State & National Economic Picture

When researching the impact of trade policy locally it is often useful to compare your city or community with state & national economic indicators like unemployment rates & wage levels. Looking at economic indicators at a broader level may also help you detect trends in your hometown and across the country.


Economic Policy Institute
Frequently updated analysis on economic indicators in U.S. Includes: Trade, Jobs, Income and Gross Domestic Product

U.S. Census Bureau: Census 2000
National information on employment income, poverty, housing, population demographics and more


Economic Policy Institute
State at a glance info, contains decade long comparisons over time: median family income, income inequality, poverty rate, wages, unemployment, jobs paying poverty level wages

National Priorities Project
Select your state to view information on the amount Federal Government contributes to your state budget, a "needs" snapshot showing poverty, health insurance & affordable housing information, living wage for the state; and information on tax cuts for the wealthy & spending for the military.

U.S. Census Bureau: Census 2000: State & County QuickFacts
Click on your state to see information on population, demographics, per capita income, poverty levels and number of businesses owned by people of color & women. Includes comparisons between state & national figures.

A project of the DataCenter's Economic Justice Program.

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Download the Toolkit
(457 kb PDF file, requires free Adobe Acrobat®Reader)




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