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Challenging the FTAA, NAFTA & the WTO:
A Community Research Toolkit

September 2003

Community Networks and Other Resources

COMPA - Convergence of Movements of the Peoples of the Americas
COMPA is a broad-based, autonomous, diverse, and democratic movement that spans the Americas. Through COMPA, women and men from different organized sectors struggle together to construct alternatives to neo-liberal globalization, towards a new society. The North American region includes community-based organizations such as Southwest Public Worker's Union and Kensington Welfare Rights Union.

ACERCA - Action for Community & Ecology in the Regions of Central America
FTAA Action Packet
Includes information on the FTAA, sample press releases, sound bites, public service announcements & more to aid in your organizing efforts.

Public Citizen - Global Trade Watch
Contains information links to draft texts of FTAA, articles on the environmental and investment effects of FTAA

Alliance for Responsible Trade
The Alliance for Responsible Trade (ART) is a national network of labor, family-farm, religious, women's, environmental, development and research organizations that promotes equitable and sustainable trade and development.

A project of the DataCenter's Economic Justice Program.




Download the Toolkit
(457 kb PDF file, requires free Adobe Acrobat®Reader)




What Is the FTAA, NAFTA & WTO?
State & National Economic Picture
Trade Legislation & Disputes
NAFTA Job Losses In Your Community
Environmental Injustice & Health Impacts
Privatization of Public Services
Region-Specific Industry Information
Militarism & Migration
Privatization of Education
Popular Education Tools
Calendar of Actions
Community Networks & Other Resources

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