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Criteria for Evaluating Internet Documents

Internet research often produces a large number of documents. Some of these documents may not be relevant or reliable. Below are some criteria to consider when reviewing and evaluating Internet documents.

* Source of the document. Is it reliable? What is its bias? One quick way to check the source is looking at the web address: .edu (school or university), .gov (government body), .com (business or general site), .org (non-profit organization).

* Relevance of the document's title.

* Author of the document.

* Date of the document.

* Relevance of the excerpt (shown in the list of search results on search engines), and location of search terms.

* Rank of the documents in the search results list. (CAUTION: Don't rely too much on the ranking system. Sometimes the treasure is buried.)

* Avoid duplicate documents.

* Use the "Search within Results" function. and have this option.


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