Research Occupies Occupy

Thanks to all of you who participated in the OccupyResearch survey; we’ve collected over 5,000 surveys!

OccupyResearch is an international, virtual, and collaborative research project which began in October 2011. It aims to create a better understanding of who engages with the Occupy movement, how they engage and why. OccupyResearch’s comprehensive survey has just closed and now the project in entering its data-processing stage.


Join OccupyResearch now!

  • Help to analyze survey responses.
  • Contribute in the creation of a workbook for movement research!
    • The workbook will put knowledge-producing tools into the hands of everyday people.
  • Join the Hack-a-thon: March 23rd-24th
    • The Hack-a-thon is an intensive 48 hour period when people from across the country virtually convene to creatively portray survey results.

Check out OccupyResearch’s website for more ways to get involved… And stay tuned for new findings and updates as they come out!