Organizational Update: Eyes on the Impact

As many of you know, we at DataCenter have been taking advantage of our leadership transition to reflect and proactively strategize on how to (re)position our work to generate the greatest impact. Through conversations with our supporters, donors, and allies, we’ve concluded that community-driven research is most impactful when completely integrated into organizing. As a result, we’re shifting away from our capacity-building research intermediary model — a model that positioned our research methodology as a support to organizing — to a model that positions our work at the core of organizing and movement building. Read more about our work combining research with organizing at our newly revamped Research for Community Power page.

It is important to us that you, as a supporter of DataCenter, are fully briefed on our strategic direction. Be on the lookout for more updates via email and Facebook. If you have any thoughts or questions about our direction, now or in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. | (510) 835-4692.