New Popular Education Tool Makes Data Accessible

So, you’ve just completed a research project. You’re armed with fascinating facts, shocking stats, radical ratios, and stunning stories. You want to share those findings, but you encounter a serious problem: an information barrier.

Not many are riveted by a densely packed fact sheet and your 40+ page report isn’t exactly light reading. You give a PowerPoint presentation, but you’re met with a sea of yawns coupled with blank stares. What do you do?

Data Feud, a research justice tool released at the Allied Media Conference, breathes life into otherwise stale statistics. Are you familiar with the popular TV game show Family Feud? Data Feud is essentially a customizable game of Family Feud, adapted for a social justice agenda. For the complete run-down, as well as everything you need to create and host your own game of Data Feud, check out the Data Feud Toolkit here!

“Data Feud was a great popular education tool for us to educate our youth leaders – we used it to discuss stereotypes about our communities and it was a great starting point to get our leaders thinking about these issues. “
-Emily Ja-Ming Lee, Youth Organizer, Chinese Progressive Association

Visit DataCenter’s Tools and Resourcespage and check out the complete DataCenter resource library. We have a ton a great resources to help you design and implement your own socially-just research project.