Just released! DataCenter’s Knowledge Factory Video

DataCenter’s signature tool – the Knowledge Factory – is now available in video format!

Previously, community members and organizers could only see the tool explained by attending a Research Justice workshop. Now, community members and organizers everywhere can watch the tool in action demonstrated by our trainer-extraordinaire, Reem Assil. The video is a supplement to the complete Knowledge Factory module presented in our recent Introduction to Research Justice toolkit (datacenter.org/rjtoolkit). Together, the Knowledge Factory video and the step-by-step tutorial in the toolkit, will allow low- and no-budget organizations host their own Knowledge Factory workshop.

The Knowledge Factory is an interactive tool that demonstrates how organizers and community members can think strategically about information. It’s been a signature tool in our Research Justice workshops – one that we’ve been developing and refining for over five years. It’s helped countless community members and organizers think critically about information flow and how knowledge is valued differently based on the source of information. The Knowledge Factory video is a tool that we think all social justice advocates will find useful, so be sure to check it out along with all the other great videos on our YouTube channel: youtube.com/researchjustice.