Join the Research Justice Team for Summer 2013!

DataCenter interns work collaboratively to build critical Research Justice skills.

Time period: Minimum 3 month commitment.

Hrs/wk: 15 hours/week (schedule & work location flexible).

Compensation: This is an unpaid internship (transportation stipend provided).


The Research Justice intern will work on projects in partnership with grassroots and community organizing groups working for social change. Projects vary in terms of issue area and methodology and interns will be placed based on their interest and experience as well as organizational needs. The internship program is a key component of our strategic priority goal to strengthen the capacity of the grassroots by harnessing the power of research. Committed students (and non-students) serving as interns are poised to take research as a powerful tool for grassroots organizing back into their fields and communities upon completion of the internship. DataCenter’s internship program is unique in that it is primarily dedicated to the professional, political and personal development of the interns as future leaders of the Research Justice network.

About the DataCenter

DataCenter believes in advancing the concept and strategy of Research Justice — a theory and practice for social change that validates all forms of knowledge, and puts information in the hands of communities organizing for justice. We know that communities are experts about the problems and solutions affecting their lives. DataCenter helps surface that knowledge in ways that develop leadership, increase community power, and generate momentum for social change. As marginalized communities take the tools and power of research into their own hands, they can articulate the urgent and pressing conditions of their lives on their terms, and encourage others to do the same. With over 30 years of experience in Research Justice, the DataCenter provides critical research support for community based organizations and social justice movements.

Internship duties may include:

  • Conduct targeted, strategic research (company profile, government data, literature reviews)
  • Design research tools (surveys, interviews, focus groups, evaluation tools)
  • Conduct data analysis and literature or media reviews
  • Create summaries of research findings
  • Conduct issue/policy analysis
  • Convert information into community friendly materials
  • Present findings to organizational partners and community members (through popular education tools)
  • Conduct workshops and create curricula

Recent Intern Projects:

Global Action Project: 3 interns worked as a team to conduct focus group analysis and suvey data analysis on how youth are using media to support their organizng work. They also participated in skill shares to gain a broader knowledge of different types of data analysis.

Justice for Families: Interns conducted an analysis of coverage around families of incarcerated youth and coded and analyzed the results of focus groups with families of incarcerated youth.

Food Chain Workers Alliance: Interns created corporate profiles of companies on the food chain and conducted the quantitative data analysis of the results of a national survey of food chain workers on conditions in the workplace.

Position Qualifications: Applicants must have experience in at least some of the followng areas.

  • Interest or experience in participatory research and grassroots organizing
  • Experience with qualitative or quantitative research
  • Interest or experience in popular education
  • Ability to work independently and learn quickly
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Computer and Internet skills (experience with SPSS, NVIVO or GIS a plus)
  • Competent at working within diverse cultural communities.

How to apply:

Please submit your resume and complete a brief survey here:


People of color, lgbtq identified individuals and people involved in social justice work or campaigns are strongly encouraged to apply.


We look forward to exploring this opportunity with you!