Your support will help marginalized and under-resourced communities tell their own stories on their own terms.

Today, with growing inequity and spending cuts crippling already-underfunded services, the need for this work is all the more critical.

Research in the hands of communities is a powerful way to support organizing efforts and challenge the root causes of oppression — and your support allows us to continue this important work.

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Honoring Esther Fitch with a donation to the DataCenter Endowment

Esther Fitch was born in 1913 in Seattle, Washington.  She graduated from the University of Washington and received a Master of Social Work at Mills College.  She worked as a psychiatric social worker in San Jose, Santa Rosa, and the Bay Area. Esther was a committed supporter of civil liberties activism, social justice, and social services organizations. Upon her death in 1998, the Esther Fitch Trust made the first major DataCenter endowment contribution of $10,000.

Today, Esther Fitch’s tireless service to our communities continues to inspire countless others. She lives in our memories as an advocate for social justice. Remember her today by donating to the DataCenter Endowment Fund.

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