Fun Quiz! How much do you know about Southeast Asian refugee youth in California?

by Anne Ryan | Communications Associate

A young Khmer woman presents the KGA survey that she helped conduct.

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For the past two years, DataCenter has provided training support and capacity building to Khmer Girls in Action (KGA),  in Long Beach, California that trains young Southeast Asian women to be “relevant social justice organizers who can respond to the immediate needs of the community.” It is organizations like KGA who empower immigrants and 2nd generation immigrant youth to voice their concerns and be justice leaders in their communities.

The 500 surveys of Khmer Youth covered three topics: Reproductive Justice, Immigrant & Refugee Rights and Health & Safety.  After releasing the preliminary report, KGA recently completed a Listening Campaign that will help the Khmer youth, now experts in their community, determine what social and political action they want to take as a result of the information they gathered. During this campaign, over 50 youth and community members discussed the data that has been collected. KGA youth and staff will be presenting the survey and listening campaign results at a number of statewide and national events including:

  • USD SOLES Action Research Conference, San Diego, CA
  • UCI Asian Women’s Health Summit, Irvine, CA
  • API Summit in Sacramento, CA
  • SEARAC’s Leadership & Advocacy Training, Washington D.C. and,
  • Sistersong’s National Let’s Talk About Sex Conference, Miami, FL

DataCenter is currently support the writing of a full formal report of the survey—stayed tuned for its release and to see how the Khmer youth put their data in action!

Until then, here’s your chance to put some data into action: take a quiz of the survey results and see what you know!

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Question #1:
1 in 3 youth identify themselves or someone in their family as __________

a)      LGBTQI

b)      Hipster

c)      An activist

Question #2:
1 in ____ youth don’t know where to get tested for pregnancy, STI, STD, or HIV/AIDs

a)      2

b)      10

c)      4

Question #3:
1 in 3 Khmer youth know someone in their family or community who has _____________

a)      Experienced discrimination

b)      Gone skydiving

c)      Been deported or is facing deportation

Question #4:

54% of Khmer youth felt that the Cambodian community faces discrimination. The youth identified 4 key areas of discrimination. Of the areas listed below, which one is NOT one of the 4 key areas?

a)      Language access

b)      Job opportunities

c)      Racial profiling

d)     Education attainment

e)      Natural disaster infrastructure

Question #5:
1 in ____ Khmer Youth was frequently stopped or pulled over by police in 2009

a)      3

b)      5

c)      20



  1. (a)
  2. (c)
  3. (c)
  4. (e)
  5. (a)