Echoes from the Silence: Raising Our Voices


Congratulations to Mujeres Unidas y Activas (MUA) member leaders, who, as a result of undergoing the first DataCenter-MUA participatory research project in 2006, designed and implemented their own survey project. DataCenter provided data analysis and technical support towards the end of the project.  The newly released bilingual report, “Echoes from the Silence: Raising Our Voices” shares the results from a 2008 study conducted by MUA members. The objective was to understand the experiences of Latina immigrant survivors of domestic violence in the Bay Area, and offer recommendations how to improve services for Latina immigrant survivors of family violence.  MUA is a leader in strategically applying tools of social science to make their stories impact policy!

full report 13 pages, PDF, requires free Adobe Acrobat®Reader.

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