Domestic Workers Corner: Watch Out for this Historic Report in June!

It all started in October 2010, when the domestic worker and allies research team, over 4 days, created questions based on “what do we want to know about us?” Thus began the process to make their industry visible. After piloting, translating and finalizing the survey, domestic workers from all across the country trained on how to conduct surveys. NDWA in SacramentoDomestic workers surveyed over 2,000 unorganized workers in parks, transportation routes, English learning centers and many other places, collecting critical, never-before-gathered data.

More recently, in January, workers and worker leaders came together to review and analyze the data. Based on this shared learning, the project team is now finalizing the report; using data building blocks to expose the bigger picture.

Domestic workers, previously invisible and underground, now have accurate data about themselves and their experiences to leverage for powerful change! Stay tuned for this historic report release in June 2012 – the anniversary of the Domestic Worker Convention at the International Labor Organization!

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