Domestic Worker’s Corner:
One Story x 2,000

With the much anticipated release of the National Domestic Workers Report, DataCenter spent a weekend in Washington DC with the National Domestic Workers Alliance and worker leaders.

DataCenter and National Domestic Workers rally in Washington DC to have their voices heard

Looking at the near-finalized report, domestic workers practiced incorporating the findings into their own personal stories.

For worker leaders, like Maria Fernandez from the Women’s Collective in San Francisco, telling their stories is not something new – but integrating the report’s findings into their stories¬†is.

Now, the workers’¬†personal stories are bolstered with numbers and stats from the over 2,000 surveys collected.

People (policymakers, non-domestic workers, you & me & the rest of the population) can understand that these stories are not just individual anecdotes; they represent the experience of thousands of workers across the nation.

The report will be a powerful tool as workers share their stories with legislators, funders, and other community members.

Stay tuned for this historic report release.

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