Decolonizing the University Conference

by Catalina Garzon

February 26th, 2010
University of California, Berkeley

Catalina Garzon Decolonizing Research Miho Althea Kim

DataCenter co-facilitated a workshop on “Decolonizing Research” with Pacific Institute’s Community Strategies Program at the Decolonizing the University Conference.  Hosted at Berkeley, the conference gathered hundreds of students from across the UC and CSU university systems to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Third World Strike that led to the formation of Ethnic Studies Departments at UC Berkeley, San Francisco State, and other campuses.   Miho Kim co-led the workshop with Program Co-Director Catalina Garzón. Fifteen students attended the interactive workshop, which focused on discussing the historical treatment of low-income and communities of color as “research subjects” and on re-imagining the role of researchers in documenting community-generated knowledge to support empowerment and social change.