DataCenter Deepens Collaboration with Western States Center

DataCenter and Western States Center’s boards met to explore possibilities to strengthen each others’ work.

DataCenter joined Western States Center’s Activists Mobilizing for Power (AMP) conference where we deepened our collaboration with WSC and furthered our work with the We Are BRAVE cohort. AMP is a unique three-day training and networking conference for community-based leaders, staff, and volunteers of groups organizing for justice. Workshops are highly interactive, use hands-on tools, and provide an intensive skills-building experience.

At AMP, DataCenter met with the various members of the BRAVE cohort to effectively integrate research with the cohort’s community organizing work. We continue to work with BRAVE to develop sound research strategies that prioritize base-building, leadership development, and the development of a strategic campaign. We’re also aiding in the creation of a shared policy agenda to unite the cohort members in a single campaign to fight for comprehensive healthcare for all Oregonians. This policy agenda seeks to cover those left behind by the Affordable Care Act, including undocumented immigrants as well as necessary services still inaccessible to many because of cost, such as abortion.

DataCenter board members were excited to participate in a portions of AMP and have the opportunity to meet with WSC’s board to explore ways to strengthen and deepen our existing collaboration. Stay tuned for ongoing developments on this partnership.