Announcing DataCenter’s Latest Popular Education Tool


Understanding research in the context of an organizing agenda can seem like an overwhelming task. The Campaign Research Countdown Game: Organize, Research, Win! is a game designed to offer a glimpse into the processes, from start to finish, in a community-driven research project. You start as a member of an organization that only has a few members. You’re tasked with growing your membership, planning, and then implementing your own research project. Your goal is to release your findings before a crucial upcoming city council vote. Can you do it?

The Campaign Research Countdown Game: Organize, Research, Win! is the first of its kind and unique to the field of Research Justice. The game makes use of popular education techniques to illustrate ways in which research and organizing are integrally linked, and how that linkage is effective in generating significant impacts. The game is modeled after choose-your-own adventure stories where players are offered a few choices and asked to make the best decision they can. Do you start with background research on your issue, or by building your support base? Will you write a report aimed at policy makers, or will you write something for your community? The choices you make in the game will shape your project and determine what you and your organization are able to achieve.

Why use a game to present research planning concepts? Studies show that material presented in a game format is more accessible. It enhances interest, sparks motivation, and improves learning retention. Based on the research planning material in our recent Introduction to Research Justice toolkit, the game gives users practice creating a research plan. It presents opportunities and challenges that may come up during an actual research project.

Play the game and get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a member in an organization planning and executing a community-driven research project!