DataCenter closed its doors on July 31st, 2016.

What this means for the resources and legacy built by DataCenter

DataCenter’s resources were transferred to organizations where they have the greatest potential for impact.cropped-LOGO_Blue_Background_wPPL_Block.png

Financial Resources – DataCenter worked with Third Wave Fund to establish a Fund for Research Justice.  The purpose of the fund is to provide capacity building grants to enable community organizing groups to use research as a tool.  Third Wave Fund’s focus on youth-led activism to advance the political power, well-being, and self-determination of communities of color and low-income communities will support the kinds of groups DataCenter has long held as a priority.

Intellectual Property – DataCenter has created a set of toolkits to enable groups to conduct their own community based research.  We are committed to ensuring that the toolkits remain freely available.  The toolkits will be shared with multiple organizations with the understanding that they too will widely share them at no cost.  DataCenter’s toolkits, training curricula and other resources will continue to be available at as well as through Third Wave Fund.

Archives – Celia Davis, former DataCenter staff member led an effort in 2015 to transfer DataCenter’s archives to the Bancroft Library to ensure that the history of the organization will be accessible to researchers and other interested parties for years to come.

Data – DataCenter staff sent data files to past partners to ensure they have access to the data generated through their research projects.

We very much appreciate the hard work and dedication that has gone into the DataCenter project by former and current staff and board, interns and volunteers. We are thankful for the generosity of those who have given of their money, time, expertise, commitment and friendship to DataCenter over the years. We especially want to honor the tremendous relationships we built with so many amazing community organizers around the country who continue to advance the vision of moving the voices, knowledge and experience of people of color and the poor from the margins to the center of decision-making.